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Balalayam Construction

Sri Balaji Temple Balalayam

We are very happy to announce the beginning of the construction of the Balalayam (Mini-Temple) at SRI NJ Ashramam Sri Balaji Temple, NJ. We express our thanks to Guru Krupa Foundation for their generous contribution and support.
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SRI NJ Ashramam / Balaji Temple has received a unanimous approval from the Franklin Township Zoning Board, Somerset County, NJ.

The temple is under construction. Please call 732-649-3666 for more information.

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Daya Satakam - Sloka 1
Daya Satakam

Srimaan Venkata Natharyaha Kavi-tarkika-kesari | Vedaantacharyavaryo me Sannidattaam Sada hrdi ||

Meaning: May Sri Venkatanaatha of auspicious attributes, who is a Lion among poets and logicians, and who is esteemed and revered as Vedaantacharya, may he ever reside and shine resplendently in my heart!

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Sri Andal and all the Azhwars excepting Thondaradipodi Azwhar have sung praises on Lord Balaji.Glory to Lord Balaji!!